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Now you can experience this amazing ancient healing technique and feel its powerful results. Massage cupping using suction and negative pressure to loosen adhesions, release stubborn knots, bring blood flow to stagnant tissue and skin, offer relief from chronic headaches, and drain excess fluids and "toxins".

You will leave with your nervous system stimulated and your mind in a profound state of relaxation. While cupping therapy is not painful, it may leave "cup kisses" or markings that resemble bruises on the cupped area. These markings are part of the therapeutic process, and will diminish after a few days.

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A trigger point is an isolated spasm in the muscle that may cause pain to be referred to other, more distant parts of the body and can be formed by muscle overload, repetitious motions, direct injury, or habitually poor posture. If not treated, trigger points can lead to an increase of muscle stiffness, tenderness and a decrease in range of motion.

Trigger point therapy can alleviate the source of the pain by releasing the constricted areas of the muscle giving you relief.


Deep tissue massage reaches the structures far beneath the superficial fascia to help relieve chronic pain, injuries and tension. Imagine your body as layers in an onion and treating one layer at a time. It is specific and detail oriented work, focusing on the muscles in pain or dysfunction and treating the root of the problem.

Deep tissue does not necessarily mean deep pressure. If the body is resisting from too much pressure it can be counterproductive and wont relax. If done correctly, deep tissue will often "hurt so good"!

What YOU Knead

Specializing in relieving pain and reducing stress, I utilize different types of therapeutic massage to help you maintain a good quality of life! Not your typical cookie cutter massage like you get at the large franchises or spas, each treatment is customized to fit your individual needs. I care about YOU and helping you thrive, feeling your best!